Elycia SFA is a textile artist based in Toronto. Her work explores personal narrative and the de/reconstruction of memory, nostalgia, and loss, by portraying these concepts in the form of handwoven cloth. She attended OCADU for Material Art and Design:Fibre, and graduated in 2015. Elycia was accepted into Harbourfront Centre’s Artist-In-Residence program and awarded a scholarship in 2016. She was a recipient of the Helen Frances Gregor Award in 2017.

Using weaving to fabricate images of locations and objects in transition over time, the textile becomes a material archive of representing memory within a changing landscape, re-making and distorting the image within the woven cloth. In recent works, she has thematically explored the preservation and deconstruction of memory, with a focused interest in domestic dwellings and the objects that inhabit them. While considering weaving as a tool for image making, she incorporates woven inlay and embroidery which allow her to draw with thread and create representational imagery within the body of the cloth.


email: elyciasfa@gmail.com

instagram: @e__s__f__a

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